Vermanes Park is a delightful place to spend an hour or two, whether you are young or old. Countless festivals are held here throughout the year and it is also one of the best places in Riga to watch the passing of the seasons.

The park is constantly being improved with the addition of new kids’ playgrounds, bike lanes and the upgrading of the concert facilities. Watch the autumn leaves fall; snow drifts pile up; protestors protest; and kids enjoy electric car rides 365 days a year.

This park is unique not just because it is one of the oldest parks in Riga - set up in 1817, but also because it features an open-air concert hall where especially in the summer season there is something going on most of the time. It also has some really special flower beds (roses!!), interesting sculptures, a pretty fountain, a playground for kids and other stuff. Another thing unique to this park is the old men playing chess in and around the open-air concert hall - they are really quite serious about this and they are always there as long as the outside temperature is bearable. Other locals of Riga tend to relax in this park by just sitting in the grass and reading a book or having a picnic, kids come there with their parents to play in the playground or ride the small electric cars around. There is also a bike rental shop in the territory of the park. Benches around the park are great for people watching...

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