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If you fancy cruising round the city and turning a few heads then this is certainly the experience for you.  Each team will be issued a non standard vehicle to complete a series of challenges around the city.  We will incorporate a city quest game played on tablets to direct you to each location.


Each team will be issued there own non standard vehicle (whether it be a Trabant, Fiat or Lada) IPAD and pack of emergency rations.  They will then have to play the game of snakes and ladders in and around city.  The game will be tailored and custom made for your event. The finish point can be organised to fit into your overall program.
There will be awards for different categories:
1) The Greenest Team (Team that have driven the least amount of KM to get to finish point. Taken as few steps as possible).
2) The Cleverest Team (Team that answered the greatest number of questions right.)
3) The Petrol Heads (Team that have driven the most KM).
The winning team members from the Wacky Races will each be rewarded with prizes.



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