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Culture Palace Ziemeļblāzma

The architecturally unique culture palace ZIEMEĻBLĀZMA  is a significant culture asset for Latvia. After the reconstruction it is an important state and city center for culture activities and presentations, a tourist attraction place, a modern venue for learning the history, a sophisticated art center and a platform for generating innovative ideas. The culture palace ZIEMEĻBLĀZMA is the only culture center in Vecmīlgrāvisand the surrounding area, which serves as a socially and economically valuable object, promoting and strengthening social integration. The park territory is used not only as a recreational zone but as a diverse culture venue.
Its architectonically expressive, majestic Art Nouveau building is an essential value for the whole country.
Culture Palace ZIEMEĻBLĀZMA - a multifunctional culture center - offers facilities for various activities:
  • Concerts and performances
  • Congresses
  • Seminars and meetings
  • Film screenings
  • Exhibitions and cooperative activities
Culture Palace ZIEMEĻBLĀZMA features:
  • Great Hall - 730 seats in the theatre, 350 seats at large round tables, 700 seats on the stand
  • Chamber hall - 200 seats
  • Billiard Hall - 80 seats
There are various auditoriums and exhibition premises.
Catering and related services are provided for all kind of events and vary depending on the event. For visitors amenities there are 2 vast parking areas in the territory of ZIEMEĻBLĀZMA. In a case of event Travel Out There team will provide a technical support.

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