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The architecturally unique culture palace ZIEMEĻBLĀZMA  is a significant culture asset for Latvia. After the reconstruction it is an important state and city center for culture activities and presentations, a tourist attraction place, a modern venue for learning the history, a sophisticated art center and a platform for generating innovative ideas. The culture palace ZIEMEĻBLĀZMA is the only culture center in Vecmīlgrāvisand the surrounding area, which serves as a socially and economically valuable object, promoting and strengthening social integration. The park territory is used not only as a recreational zone but as a diverse culture venue.
Culture Palace ZIEMEĻBLĀZMA - a multifunctional culture center - offers facilities for various activities:
Concerts and performances
Seminars and meetings
Film screenings
Exhibitions and cooperative activities
Culture Palace ZIEMEĻBLĀZMA main hall is able to accommodate about 700 visitors, chamber hall + banquet hall (connected space) – over 400 visitors simultaneously. There are various auditoriums and exhibition premises.
Catering and related services are provided for all kind of events and vary depending on the event. For visitors amenities there are 2 vast parking areas in the territory of ZIEMEĻBLĀZMA. In a case of event we are able to provide a technical support. Culture Palace is accessible to persons with disabilities.

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