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Your Company in association with Travel Out There presents a day of good deeds in Robin Hood style. Companies, schools, individuals are invited to share a small amount of their wealth to those less fortunate by creating a care pack. 



Teams are only allowed to spend up to 30 Euros to prepare a care pack. They then go on to the streets to give the pack to someone in need.

Members of the team will need to shop for the items in charity shops and chemists etc to create their pack.

They will then have to prepare the pack and search for the person in need.

The teams will have to film and photo graph each process.



We would aim to create a 'global Robin Hood Day' where teams from all over the world would participate in the challenge.

Suggested items to include in the Care Pack:


ITEM   Quantity   Where to Buy
Back Pack   1   Charity Shop
Beanie / Sun Hat   1   Charity Shop
Scarf    1   Charity Shop
Gloves / Flip Flops   1   Charity Shop
Socks   2   Budget Shop
Emergency Blanket   1   Camping Shop
Micro Fiber Towel   1   Camping Shop
Tooth brush / paste   1   Chemist
Deodorant   1   Chemist
Soap Bar   1   Chemist
Wet Wipes 10pk   1   Chemist
Razor   1   Chemist
Comb   1   Chemist
Hand Sanitizer   1   Chemist
Peanut Butter   1   Budget Shop
Chicken Salad   1   Budget Shop
Tuna Salad   1   Budget Shop
Dried Sausage   2   Budget Shop
Apple Sauce   1   Budget Shop
Breakfast Bars   2   Budget Shop
Granola Bars   2   Budget Shop
Juice Box   2   Budget Shop
Bottle Water   2   Budget Shop
Plastic Spoons / 'Spork'   2   Budget Shop
Toilet roll   1   Budget Shop
Note Pad     Budget Shop
Biro   2   Budget Shop