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Will receive:

  • Client: Rovio
  • Project: Team building
  • Participants: 30 Pax
  • Destination: Tallinn
    "We had fun, we had a good times, we had teams being built. QA Approves! Thank you "Travel Out There" for a fun-filled day"."

Rovio's Testimonial:

"Put 30+ Rovio QA professionals to the same kitchen and you are guaranteed to end up in chaos. No worries though, since in the end, the table was full of some good quality food to enjoy. The mojitos were a nice touch and helped teams in their challenging cooking times. Surprisingly or not, it turned out that Rovio QA also posesses some artistic talent. We had fun, we had a good times, we had teams being built. QA Approves! . Thank you "Travel Out There" for a fun-filled day"


Rovios's memorable Incentive in Tallinn; 


Culinary Team Building

TravelOutThere was proud to present this Culinary team building event for Rovio! You have chosen Caribbean food as a theme with Vegan elements, so everyone in your team can have what they like!

Culinary Team Building

The Bigger Picture

Bigger picture event was perfect for Rovio to create something unique! You can create your own masterpiece, while still working as separate teams. In the end - you will put together this one big picture, which you can later take with you to your office!
The Bigger Picture