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Will receive:

  • English-speaking guide & Transfers
  • Entrance to SPA and Wellness centre for two hours
  • Half an hour back massage and
  • Table booking in one of the fantastic local restaurants.

Minimum persons:


Maximum persons:


Combine a day trip to Jurmala with a visit to a water relaxation centre followed by a soothing half an hour back massage. The best way to unwind and relax during your visit to Latvia.

Latvia is considered by the experts to be among the worlds leading Spa Treatment Destinations. From curative mud baths to steaming with birch branches, Riga Out There has got the spa Package, massage and wellness treatment to help you unwind.

There are many reasons Why to Spa in Riga, if the excellent facilities and services at fantastic values not a big enough temptation for you, then why not come to enjoy Riga's many wonderful Attractions and exciting Activities and complete your weekend with a bit of well deserved tender loving care. It’s time to lie back, relax and think of…

In this crazy modern world, no one ever has the time to relax, not to mention the money, as the cost of pampering oneself can often be prohibitively expensive. Latvia is no exception to fast paced modern living. But one advantage of being here is that the opportunities to indulge oneself in health and beauty treatments are limitless and, for most Westerners, available at bargain prices.

5 good reasons for a spa in Latvia

1.     Improve your health
Spa procedures can help you lose weight, detox, improve the quality of your skin and create a general feeling of comfort. And remember, spa procedures are a low cost alternative for a potential severe medical treatment.

2.     Reduce stress
One of the saying that characterizes Latvians is work hard – party hard. If you have enjoyed a Latvian lifestyle recently, you might be up for some relaxation. A spa procedure will reduce your stress symptoms and lead to an improved quality of sleep and extra energy.

3.     Value for money 
Latvia offers a nice combination of Western European treatment and Eastern European prices. The economical crisis has hit Latvia hard and this makes the usually pricy spa procedures a lot more affordable. Start with a massage in Riga or go for a 3-day wellness package in Jurmala.

4.     Socialize and reconnect with your friends
Latvians believe that once your body and mind are calm and rested you can become a truly social animal. Engage in a conversation with friends while your body regenerates itself. Our spa packages and spa daytrips include transfers, restaurants and accommodation so that you and your friends don’t have to worry about a thing.

5.     Get to know Latvia
Come and join us to the Jurmala beach resort. Only 20 minutes away from the Riga city center you will find one of the most popular holiday destinations in Latvia. It is so close and yet so different from the capital city. This is where most of the Latvia’s spa centers are located.