Will receive:

    Client: SWG
    Group size: 40-6-30 Pax
    Dates:  22 August, 16 September, 30 September
    1. Get to know Riga -  City code game.
    2. Team-Building for Manegers
    3. Team-building specialised for startup teams.  


                                                                                                                            Case studies. 

Case : Nr.1
Group size : 40
Date : 22 August
Event :  Get to know Riga -  City code game.

 Startup Wise Guys was a company that was fun to work with, considering they wanted something tailor made and were willing to trust our architects. We started with a City Code game and helped their teams to get to know each other better. 


'' The first team build was for our half final – overall references are positive. The Game provided was fun. Our people found it interesting, despite the bad weather. ''

Case : Nr.2
Group size : 6
Date : 16 September
Event : Team-Building for Managers

 After the first booking, they did a second booking immediately for their managers to bond the team even more and we wanted them to have a suprise.We prepared an ''Action themed quest game.Whitch involved changing community devices, making sure your not followed, escaping the city and even defusing a bomb.

Testimonial :

''The second team build was in Riga for our management team. The boat ride was encouraging, wasn't easy, but fun. The second part with the quest, pancars and the bunker was excellent. Best team-building in my life.''

Case : Nr.3
Group size : 30
Date : 30 September
Event : Team-building specialized for startup teams. 

A little time had passed and they already knew which startups made it to the final. We needed to do something to not only team-build, but also something beneficial and practical for further work. We created a ''Dragons den/shark tank'' kind of game, to put the startup teams in the shoes of their future investors. We played with investing, risking and team communication to gain the best results. Time flew by very fast. 
We finished with a ''create a game'' task, to show people how the same things have different value and use when put in the hands of different teams. And we had a magic show in the side, which we threw in as a present from us, for such a good companionship. 

Testimonial :

''We did a feedback survey and overall results were 4.8 of 5.
We enjoyed the investment game, the focus was great, very fun and friendly atmosphere.''


                   Our clients were thank full for the usefulness of the activities and the fact that they were connected to what these people do in their working lifes.