Hotels in Tallinn

by Asko Plaado - Your Event Manager in Tallinn



Tallinn Out There can help you to book hotels in Tallinn at competitive prices. When visiting Estonia one thing is sure: in Tallinn you can expect 5 star luxury at 3 star prices!


Most people traveling to Tallinn will want to stay in the Estonian capital's gorgeous Old Town. Most hotels in Tallinn Old Town are in the four- and five-star category, and offer coziness and old world charm. Visitors staying here can find most restaurants, bars, cafes and cultural sights within walking distance of their hotel front door.


In this category we can, among other, recommend the 5 star Hotel Telegraaf, or the medieval decorated Hotel SchlossleSt Petersbourg is another excellent choice and is one of Tallinn’s finest boutique hotels. 


There are also a number of hotels just outside the Old Town and are generally more modern in style than their Old Town counterparts. Examples of great hotels within this category are Nordic Hotel ForumHotel Olumpia and Radisson Blu. These are also excellent choices if you are looking for a good conference hotel in Tallinn.


There are also several hotels located close to the Tallinn Ferry Terminal. These are particularly in the 3-star category for example Hotel Euroopa, and are very handy for tourists planning to hop across on the ferries to Helsinki and Stockholm.


All of the above hotels are Travel Out There’s trusted partners in Tallinn, but additional hotels can be provided upon requests. We can also help you make restaurant reservations for your stay in Tallinn. Check out our top selection for restaurants in Tallinn.