Restaurants in Tallinn

by Asko Plaado - Your Event Manager in Tallinn



Save the trouble of having to search through Tallinn restaurant reviews to find a good place to eat. Tallinn Out There has put together a complete list of the best restaurants in Tallinn. 



Gourmet Restaurants 
Tallinn has plenty of gourmet options to choose from and usually served for half the price of what it would cost in most other European capitals. Try Restaurant Horisont for contemporary European cuisine with an unexpected twist or Praat, which is situated right on the beach. 


Laid-back Restaurants
Fish & Wine  offers, as the name implies, great fish dishes and wine. But vegetarians and meat lovers can also find their picks on the menu. Peppersack  is situated in the middle of the Old Town and serves delicious food all through the day together with their famous beer, made according to an historical recipe. Goodwin Steak House is Tallinn’s only American Styled Steak house.

Traditional Restaurants

To try outstanding traditional Estonian food head to the medieval styled Olde Hansa, and for more contemporary Estonian cooking we recommend Von Krahli Aed. Estonian cuisine has been heavily influenced by German and Scandinavian cuisine, so it is not strange that you can find a great German restaurant in Tallinn such as Baieri Kelder, or a Scandinavian influenced place such as Sfäär. With almost 40% of the city’s population being Russians, Tallinn is also a great place to indulge in Russian cuisine, and Vene Söögituba is a great place to do so.


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