Will receive:

  • Local opposition
  • Equipment
  • Cricket tea

Minimum persons:


Maximum persons:


Duration (door to door):

6 hour(s)

Would you like to return home from Tallinn and tell your friends you have played cricket against a national team while on holiday?!



The Estonian Cricket Association invites you to visit our beautiful country and play cricket against the Estonian National Cricket Team. Back in 2005 the M.C.C. and 16 other touring sides played in Estonia, which helped lead to the development of cricket here in Estonia in the corresponding years. While the nation's cricketing skills are still developing, our hospitality is certainly world class... well let's just say that Freddie Flintoff would no doubt enjoy a night out here!!!



We can also organise Beach cricket.  Beach Cricket combines the sun and sand on one of Tallinn’s best beaches with the sport you love. Introduce the stunning locals to your good looking  pull-shots. When you get bored of playing you can sit back and get a tan, or join in a game of beach volleyball on the near-by courts. Either way, you get the best of this stunning setting, with the backdrop of Tallinn’s Old Town. 



If the beach is not suitable....Why not play your pre-season cricket tour in Estonia and play one of the most bizarre, ridiculous and funniest games yet invented? We are delighted to offer several different cricket facilities here in Estonia and a variety of different options that can satisfy the majority of requests from cricket teams, professional, amateur, social or otherwise. From September we take our cricket season indoors and play two types of game. Firstly we have access to an indoor cricket area large enough to play 11 a side. But our other area is playing either in the former Soviet missile factory, now Ice hall, or the lake at Harku where we play the fantastically popular game of Ice Cricket.


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