Will receive:

  • English speaking guide
  • Round transfers from hotel
  • 4 laps on a rally car
  • Driving lessons - on request


  •  comfortable clothing and shoes

Minimum persons:


Maximum persons:


Duration (door to door):

2 hour(s)

Lada Racing?! Yes, we give you the chance to race one of Europe's greatest retro cars for fun around a brilliant Estonian double track. The option is available to drive alone or, if you would like some instruction in the art of Lada driving, you can receive a personal lesson from one of our professional driving instructors. This exciting and unusual activity is available all year around and really is brilliant fun.  


Sadly, in Arpil 2012 the Lada sedan was consigned to the scrap heap as the Russian car maker AutoVaz announced that it will stop prodcution of the the infamous Lada 2107 model. Therefore you will now be racing a collectors item despite it being the brunt of many jokes;


Top 5 Lada jokes;

What's the difference between a Lada and a golf ball? You can drive a golf ball 200 metres.

What do you call a convertible Lada? A skip 

What do you call a convertible Lada with twin exhausts? A wheelbarrow.

A man goes into a car accessory shop and says to the assistant, 'Can I have a hub cap for my Lada?' The assistant thinks to himself for a moment and then replies, 'OK, it seems like a fair swap'

What do you call a Lada driver who says he has a speeding ticket? A liar







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