Will receive:

  • English-speaking Guide,
  • Return Transfers,
  • Rent of quad bikes and all equipment, 
  • One hour Quad bike safari.


  • It is a fundamental health and safety requirement that none of your colleagues are intoxicated with alcohol.


Minimum persons:


Maximum persons:


Duration (door to door):

4 hour(s)

This is a brilliant Travel Out There daytime activity in Tallinn,  that combines speed and adventure in a truly exciting military environment.  You will get the opportunity to negotiate a variety of terrains whilst enjoying the buzz off throwing the Monster Quad bikes in Tallinn into full throttle.  


These quads in Tallinn are monsters, hence they are fast but safe.  Some of the quad bikes other suppliers offer are a lot smaller, hence there is a possiblity you can roll them. The stability and low centre of gravity of these quadbikes ensure that you have a safe yet very exciting quad biking experience in Tallinn.



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