Our aim is simple. Provide you with truly meaningful and memorable CSR programs as part of your Travel Out There Experience.


By conducting this thorough evaluation it will help us do exactly that!!!CSR Team building enables your company to motivate your team, improve communication, make the workplace more enjoyable, and also empowers management to more easily identify and utilize the strengths of team members.   The emotional element of these experiences has a huge impact on your employees’ attitude not only to others but also to oneself.


When Travel Out There are helping to create partnerships between the organisations and local charities we will ask the following key questions to ensure we get the right CSR fit:

1. What are your organizations vision any key values?  We will aim to provide a "cultural fit” with those organizations with which we work. We will aim to reflect our clients key values in the CSR incentive to ensure that there is a greater meaning and benefit to all parties involved; our client, the individual, participants and the charity involved.  We work to continue relationship after the event therefore by matching values we find the connection is stronger and there is a better understand of the needs of the cause and become part of a like-minded community of supporters.
2. What is your organization’s structure and how is CSR managed? We need to give all the information to the most relevant contact to ensure that everyone undertands the 'value'.
3. We have programmes for all budgets and time parameters, please state your budget and schedule? What would you like to achieve and we  can tailor each project to your demands, needs and budget of each of our clients. We want to stimulate and enthuse participants, sometimes taking them out of their comfort zone and really offer them a memorable experience.
4. How many participants are expected, and what are their limitations? One of the most important factors at play in a successful CSR project is achieving the optimum level of participation for both your organization and the charity.  
5. Would you be interested in developing the partnership with the charity in the future? At Travel Out There we have a lot of experience of 'thinking differently'. We understand that CSR projects don’t have to be confined to an allotted amount of time, to a fixed amount of people. We want to help you think of additional ways to get attendees involved, even if they are not available at the scheduled project time.  Our best projects are one's that are sustainable and continue in to the future once the connection has been made.  We will help you brainstorm ways to do this and always support communication between your organization and the beneficiary. 

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Our Testimonials

Austin Nicholas

Austin is the main man. Having moved from the UK to Riga in the beginning of the 2000’s, and with over 14 years of experience in the event management industry, he decided to start Travel Out There, allowing visitors to “access the un-accessible”. Starting on the local Latvian market, Travel Out There soon expanded to become the world wide network of destination experts it is today. He is also a board member of the football club Riga United, which he also founded, an excellent cook and the proud father of three year old Henry. Click here to see a personal note from Austin


"I would recommend partnering Travel Out There as the range of services they provide 
combined with their professional attitude 
can not be faulted. Our event manager 
was very personal and made sure that 
all our needs were dealt with promptly.  
We were very focused on ensuring
that everything was perfect for this 
corporate event and Travel Out There 
were always mindful of this and made 
sure every little detail was managed to our expectations. We look forward to working 
with Travel Out There in the future!".

Sarah Goudreault,

Special Events Specialist at EXFO


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Asko Plaado
Your Partner in Tallinn

Asko joined the team in August 2012, and has over five years experience in the travel industry. Asko knows Estonia and its surrounding and will put together a group incentive that will guarantee you will enjoy both Tallinn and Estonia to the fullest.




 We seek to bring out the best of your team, so you can bring out the best of your business.

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Orchestrate remarkable experiences that inspire change, transform teams and build connections, one business at a time.

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Leaders in their field seeking big ideas, bold vision and best practices.  

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Our Code Of Conduct:



Understand the needs of their clients



Maintain a continuous presence, and are accessible throughout each experience.



Strive to create innovative, yet operationally viable, programs and services.



Perform as "orchestral leaders" harmonising all requested services.



Have an intimate knowledge of their destination.



Serve as a professional consultants to their clients, dedicated to the successful achievement of the program’s objective.



Enjoy good relationships with peers, partners and suppliers.



Have the capacity and flexibility to respond promptly and effectively to unforeseeable situations.



Respond promptly and thoroughly to all requests (within 24 hours)



Are committed to maintaining integrity and high ethical standards with all parties involved while providing the best possible service in a sustainable fashion.