Will receive:

  • English-speaking guides/animators & transfers with special vehicles (Soviet buses)
  • Tour in Patarei prison mixed with different tasks and activities
  • Game props,  animator costumes etc
  • vodka shots/pickles, coffe/tea, optional lunch
  • Additional - more animators, more drinks, photographer, soviet medals, costumes for participants

Minimum persons:


Maximum persons:


Duration (door to door):

2 hour(s)

Guests experience Soviet time in the way of edutainment e.g. each joke or activity tells the true fact! It’s fun sightseeing where guests are “learning by doing”. This authentic and entertaining Soviet tour available only in Estonia!


Soviet Militia lines up the guests in the hotel’s lobby where You will have light and fun interrogation.  Then You will drive with authentic Soviet Bus to prison. On the bus You will also have fun activites like vodka shots, Soviet propaganda and so on. 


When You reach the destination, the prison Director makes the customized speech for the group and gives the instructions of the treasure hunt. Each team gets a map and hints in order to visit the same spots in rotation. Each spot has an funny Soviet instructor who gives the task related to prison’s real life.


Treasure hunt comprises of different tasks, which You will have to complete on site. For example:

1. Knocking Game. Learn how prisoners were communicating in the cell.
2. Prisoner’s Tattoo. Learn more about untold Criminal Tattoo Culture.
3. Nuclear Attack. Put up the gas mask and protective clothes!
4. Building. Put together the wooden cube and puzzle in order to escape.
and so on.


The final destination is the warm canteen where the teams give the maps away. Winner is the team who has achieved the most points. Basically, it’s fun sightseeing!


When all teams have gathered then tea/coffee and vodka shots are offered in the canteen. Militia announces the next performers: ballet dancers from Moscow Bolshoi Theatre and life sentenced prisoner and cleaning lady who are singing world famous Soviet songs. After performances, militia wraps up the treasure hunt. Reads loudly the letters at home, gives comments and the winner team is announced. Winner team gets Soviet medals on the chests if ordered. 

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