Minimum persons:


Duration (door to door):

7 hour(s)

10 Unique Tallinn Activities



Wildlife Watching

An authentic escape to explore Estonian wildlife in the wonderful Matsalu National Park. As the evening falls, the meadow and forest are brought to life. While they are extinct or endangered in much of Europe, wolves and elks are abundant in this area of the world. Hearing the howl of a wolf in the darkness is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.




Lada Racing

Take the chance to race one of Europe's greatest retro cars for fun around a brilliant Estonian double track. This exciting and unusual activity is available all year around and really is brilliant fun.


Soviet Prison Experience

Make a guest experience in the old Soviet time in the way of edutainment e.g. each joke or activity tells the true fact! This is a fun and interactive activtiy and this authentic and entertaining Soviet tour available only in Estonia!

VIking Village

Get a taster of the Viking life at an Estonian Viking village on the Pirita river.  Enjoy Viking 'games', food and a traditional Viking environment during this highly entertaining and original half-day excursion from the capital.


Tallinn Sightseeing and Daytrips

Our Exlusive sightseeing tours and daytrips outside of Tallinn will let you get underneath the surface of the Estonian capital and take a bit of its history and culture with you home.



Estonian Language Course through Cooking

This is a great team building activty where you also get to experience the local life and food, and learn some essential Estonian phrases. 



Fishing (Ice and Summer)

In the winter, we teach you to drill a hole and bait a line. Plenty of local drinks are thrown in to keep you warm and, once you have caught one of the local critters, we cook the fish for dinner. During the Summer months we offer the opportunity for you and your group to catch, cure, salt or grill the fish caught by you and give you the chance to sit back and enjoy the fantastic bar and sauna complex.


Laheema Canoe Expedition

We spend a day on the sea paddling to the most beautiful islands in North Estonia. Lunch is included and enjoyed in nature.




Something Different

Find out what other unique activities you can do specifically in Barcelona. Experience the Ice Climbing, the most thriling activity for the group of friends of colleagues, something that cannot be missed. Hovercraft Safari, Military Mud Safari and Snowmobile Safari activities and many more is awaiting you.




A Taste of Tallinn

An historical journey of architecture and food in Tallinn. This tour combines a fascinating walking tour of Tallinn with a culinary journey into the world of Estonian food - past and present.  Enjoy tasty Estonian food in several different restaurants and learn all there is to know about Tallinn's history and contemporary life.



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