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Will receive:

  • City Code Game on Tablets, Event Manager(s) & Resource Pack
  • Copy of compiled images during the event;
  • Prizes for winning team(s) - Award ceremony;
  • Transfer Options ( 4x4's, segways, boats etc.);
  • Additional Team Building activities incorporated in to the experience if required.


3 most important focusses for your experience?

  • Fun
  • Relaxation
  • Team Work
  • Leadership
  • Team Bonding
  • Networking
  • Motivation
  • Development of Trust
  • Creative / Hands On

Minimum persons:


Maximum persons:


Team Building Activities

There is absolutely no point at all in organising a team-building event unless it is enjoyable and beneficial to both your company and its employees.  So choose Travel Out There if you want your staff to experience a team-building event they will never forget!  5 star luxury and unique adventures are not concepts for Travel Out There - they are at the very soul of our business.  We will tailor events and services to your exact needs, budget and specifications.  We value each and every corporate client with the utmost importance and understand that we are acting as an extension of your company! Travel Out There corporate events team will exceed all of your expectations.... we can guarantee you that! 


Travel Out There’s unique and highly imaginative Corporate team building experiences include our ever-popular City Code game, the chance to Run Your Own Cocktail Bar, and the unique opportunity to Make Your Very Own FilmTeam building enables your company to motivate your team, improve communication, make the workplace more enjoyable, and also empowers management to more easily identify and utilize the strengths of team members. It is also, of course, an enjoyable and memorable way to spend time! We can also organise team building activities that can take place inside the conference room. Click here for more information on our Creative Connections workshops.


If you want to look at some of the Team Building Activities we can provide in Riga as well as many of other destinations click here.



   Team Building Activities




Think of a regular board game. Like Snakes and Ladders. Imagine that the game-board is the city centre, game fields are virtual locations around you and game pieces are real people.  The game is all about getting from start to finish with as few steps as possible. Game fields have the ladders and snakes attached to them.  Instead of throwing the dice players answer a question at every field they stop at.  

In the race against time to beat your adversaries, all participants will work in teams to:

Search for clues and answer location  specific  questions.

Take photos and interact with locals

Complete active team challenges.

Why not turn your City Game in to a Charity Challenge?

Check out the Video of an interactive city game for 300 people in Riga

     Key Learning Points


You will Receive

  • Define effective processes and communication to solve the problems as a team
  • Respond quickly and efficiently to change in order to win the overall challenge 
  • Develop and conceptualise ideas
  • Practice experimental learning, encourage and embrace creativity
  • Highlight focus and commitment
  • Empower individuals and set team standards
  • Improved team communication and cooperation
  • Tools and tips to promote future creative thinking
  • A creative collaboration / experience to share.
  • A lot of fun!!
  • Tailored & Customised Incentive - Experience it to believe it! 
  • Not your Traditional Sightseeing experience.
  • Copy of the compiled images taken during the game by all teams 
  • Opportunity to incorporate an award ceremony