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"TRI ŠEŠIRA" is a real pearl among the restaurants in Skadarlija. It is built in the heart of Skadarska street in the well known ambient that exist over 150 years.  It started working in the 1864 in the building that was a craftsman shop before, whose logo was three tin hats. That’s the reason the restaurant was named TRI SESIRA (Three hats).
The restaurant is known, even abroad, by its service and quality. It had the honor to serve the most eminent domestic and foreign personalities: His majesty Juan Carlos, George Bush, Will Brant and others. The certificate for that can be found in the restaurants GUEST book.
"TRI ŠEŠIRA", the wealth of tradition, art, the beauty of the glory and the blemish… and the name that was given by the most memorable resident of the Skadarska street - Đura Jakšić – the "WINE WELL" or, how they said... Tin Ujević, Branislav Nušić, Gustav Krklec, Čiča Ilija Stanojević, Raka Drainac...
The restaurant has the “Quality mark of Belgrade chamber” ("Znaka kvaliteta Komore Beograda"). 
In 2007, it was announced as one of 12 best restaurants in Belgrade, by the International Fair magazine FITUR. (International Tourism Trade Fair).

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