Christmas Incentives

Treat your employees to a fun and imaginative incentive this Christmas!

Instead of the regular yearly holiday dinner or Christmas office party, why not try something new, that will not only leave your employees with a memory for a life time, but that will also strengthen your team and improve your team work.

Here are Travel Out There's top Incentive Ideas for for a truly magical and memorable Christmas


Christmas Cook Off

No fruit is as sweet as the one you reap your yourself - Prepare your Christmas Dinner together! Playing is a perfect way to learn and have fun at the same time. We made this game with benefits inside it. It is not just cooking by following the rules - it is actually a creative and challenging team experience that brings so much joy and at the same time benefits Your team and personal development of each member. The video that You get afterwards is the best souvenir to send to all participants, post on your company Facebook Profile and even email to your clients!


CSR Activity

The holidays is as much about giving to the ones less fortunate as it is spending time with your loved ones. Why not turn your Christmas Incentive into a truly meaningful experience for someone in need as well as your employees. Engaging your company in a CSR project that has a mutual benefit to the company and local community is not only a fun, rewarding and memorable experience but also energizes employee engagement, encourages team building and enhances your company’s reputation.  Why not become a secret Santa in our Robin Hood day, or help to raise money for your charity of choice in our Interactive Charity Challenge? We will develop the CSR incentive closely with you to make sure that it is a good fit for both your company and the organisation.



Christmas Tram Party

Party on your own private Tram or Bus - with sightseeing guide, live musician and welcome drinks. This tour is a favourite for companies who want to do something different for their incentive trip. This is a great way to see the City when you are limited for time or the weather is bad. Each City has a different type of transport, some are Trams, some are Trains and some are Busses, with Travel Out There we will make sure that your group is given the best experience no matter the weather or occasion.


Gala Dinner

The corporate Christmas party is famous for people saying something inappropriate to their boss or for declaring a secret love for the secretary. We can't promise that this won't happen when you organize your Christmas Party with Travel Out There, but we can promise that you can relax in the build up knowing that we are taking care of everything for you. Travel Out There's events team are experts in arranging Christmas gala dinners. How ever you decide to theme your party Travel Out There can arrange everything for you, from theme ideas to the decoration and venue hire we can take care of all the large and more importantly small details that make a party a huge success. 


Company Retreat

Why not turn this Christmas Incentive in to something completely different? Invite your employees away on a "Off-line" corporate retreat, where you away from all the buzz of everyday life, and connected devices can truly focus on your company and the team. Travel Out There excel at helping leaders design and deliver highly collaborative 1 to 3 day retreats that are custom designed to address any priority client issues, opportunities or other requirement. We can tailor a series of team building activities to act as break outs or energisers during your strategic development meet.  We also have experience of running 'farm yard retreats' where your team will have to harvest and cook their own meals from produce grown at the farm as well as tend to the animals on the farm.  Company away days can evolve around more 'traditional' past times such as golf or within a spa hotel should that be more suitable.  Travel Out There have all the contacts and knowledge to ensure that your company retreat will change your business for the better – what more incentive do you need?  



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