Will receive:

  • Free consultations
  • Full events service
  • Travel Out There Event Architects time for planning and executing experience. (Agency fee covers the Event Architects on site during the event).
  • Coordination of Hotels, Restaurant, Transfers, Venues, Catering,  Audio Visual, Entertainment, Decoration & furnishing.
  • Inspection Trip Co-Ordination. 


 Payment Terms Pre Event:

  • Event Architecture Invoice Paid within 14 days of approval
  • Activity Service Invoice:  Paid within 6 weeks of event. 

Post Event:

  • Extra costs incurred (if any): Paid within 21 days including administration costs for amendments to the approved programme based on agreed daily rate.

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Established in January 2006, Travel Out There’s key objective is finding the right people in the right places to create a network of Trust Architects who share our passion and vision to become the most innovative global DMC Network! Becoming a Travel Out There Trust Architect is an exclusive privilege and a quality seal that ensures you the highest calibre of service!  All our Trust Architects are local, have over 5 years experience and have successfully managed corporate groups of over 50 people.


Our system directly connects you with our certified Local Trust Architect to immediately begin preparing you a tailor made and engaging experience.  Giving you confidence that you are dealing with someone based in the destination and responsible for the success of your event from start to finish.  Check out our Blog post to find out more about why book with a Local Trust Architect. 


Looking for an inspiring location for your event?  Wanting to create an event to support your organisation's core values?  Travel Out There Events Team will find the solutions, structures, equipment and services that best meet your needs. Let us provide you with our free venue finding service, our local expertise, inspection trips, professional planning and guidance and support for your event. We have a wide choice of venues in all of our destinations to make your event memorable. As part of our venue finding service we will find for you the best function rooms with matching layouts, capacities and banquet facilities.


Travel Out There has been carefully nurturing relationships with the quirkiest and most original and stylish venues as well as activity providers. We understand that for you the process of finding the ideal venue for your event can be extremely time consuming. Finding the best corporate events venue yourself and coordinating all the support services can be a hugely frustrating experience with venues often double booked and language and cultural communication problems on the phone and by email a regular fact of life. This is why Travel Out There is here for you to tailor make an event that will be talked about for years!!  Our Network of Competence is your Confidence. 


     CASE STUDY: EXFO Annual Sales and Partner Meeting

Event Details:

  • Client: Exfo
  • Group size: 160 Pax
  • Destination:  Riga


"I would recommend partnering Travel Out There as the range of services they provide combined with their professional attitude can not be faulted.   Our event manager was very personal and made sure that all our needs were dealt with promptly.  We were very focussed on ensuring that everything was perfect for this corporate event and Travel Out There were always mindful of this and made sure every little detail was managed to our expectations. We look forward to working with Travel Out There in the future!".- Sarah Goudreault  Special Events Specialist at EXFO


Event Overview:

Travel Out There arranged the annual sales and partners meeting for EXFO. Travel Out There took 60 people paint-balling, always a winner with larger groups. The following day Travel Out There arranged EXFO's Gala dinner hosted in the beautiful Small Guild of Riga. A 4-course dinner was served to over 160 guests with entertainment from a saxophone quartet, awards ceremony and a fun Olympic betting game. 



If you are launching a new product, opening a new office or opening a new store you need a WOW event so that your clients and customers know what to expect. Travel Out There team will ensure that your Events are essential to the success of your brand and company, whether it be for clients, customers or simply for PR purposes. Travel Out There's Events Management team are the perfect choice for organising your event, with a number of years experience in launching products of our own and creating events for clients from all over the world, we can make sure that your event is a success and that your product will reach the intended audience with the maximum exposure. 

From organising a flash mob to a comprehensive campaign driven experiential marketing campaign we can help provide the creative spark that sets your marketing plan on fire. Opting for Guerilla Style Marketing Event increases exposure of your business, service or product and a good idea often goes viral.  This helps your brand create more of an emotional and genuine connection with your audience of consumers. Simply send us the brief with your key objectives and we can begin immediately to present concepts and ideas that we are confident would represent your brand in the light you want to be seen in.

Travel Out There can also organise valuable networking events. Networking events are a great way to meet new business contacts, share ideas and meet other like minded people from within your industry. Travel Out There can arrange your networking event from start to finish, with your own personal event manager we will come up with the perfect scenario for you to exchange and meet new contacts. 


     CASE STUDY: CYTEC Office Opening

Event Details:

  • Client: CYTEC
  • Group size: 200 Pax
  • Destination:  Riga
  • Event: Office Opening


    "Many thanks for all your support and we will revert to you when ever necessary in the future! The opening went very well! A lot of very nice comments. My executives are happy, the director of the office in Riga is happy and the employees enjoyed themselves are happy! The weather was not so nice, but it did not matter, for we were cozy in our warm tent. The event planners were very nice to work with…very helpful. Everyone really enjoyed the saxophone quartet, they were really good. And the food was delicious! My congratulations to all your team!"- Ms Ana Paes, events supervisor, Lis & Tag – Viagens e Turismo, Portugal


    Event Overview:

    The location was on top of the buildings car park, this was a challenge but one the Travel Out There Team quickly rose to. The theme for the event needed to include - a new beginning and the CYTEC colours. For the culmination of the opening two members of the CYTEC office released 30 white doves. The entertainment organised: Saxophone quartet, DJ playing background music and one of Latvia's top magicians. One of Latvia's celebrity chefs created the menu for both the formal meal and the buffet dinner.


     CASE STUDY: Travel Out There's Things That Count Campaign

Travel Out There Smile Challenge - For every smile received we donated money to a charity.

Event Details:

  • Group size: 20 Pax
  • Destination:  Riga

    Event Overview:

    As part of the Travel Out There Partner retreat we conducted a SMILE FLASH MOB. During the retreat the managment team were highlighting the importance of focussing on the attention to detail and all the 'little things that count'. 

    The key values of Travel Out There are to be professional, passionate and personal. In order to reflect these values we took to the streets of Riga on a cold wintery day to shine a little warmth and light in the form of a smile. A smile cost nothing, but gives much. It enriches those who receive, without making poorer those who give. It takes but a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. 

    It had a surprisingly big impact on the people we were fortunate to engage with. Check out the video to see for yourself.



Trust Architecture Code of Conduct:



Understand the needs of their clients



Maintain a continuous presence, and are accessible throughout each experience.



Strive to create innovative, yet operationally viable, programs and services.



Perform as "orchestral leaders" harmonising all requested services.



Have an intimate knowledge of their destination.



Serve as a professional consultants to their clients, dedicated to the successful achievement of the program’s objective.



Enjoy good relationships with peers, partners and suppliers.


Have the capacity and flexibility to respond promptly and effectively to unforeseeable situations.



Respond promptly and thoroughly to all requests (within 24 hours)

      Are committed to maintaining integrity and high ethical standards with all parties involved while providing the best possible service in a sustainable fashion.