Will receive:

  • Luxurious limo ride
  • Spacious and comfortable limobus
  • High quality sound and media equipment

Limobus is an exceptional limousine that will suit any occasion - it is a bus with an interior of a limousine. Limobus unites best of both worlds – vast space and comfortability of a bus and luxury of a limousine.



  • Spacious and comfortable. Limobus is largest limousine in Baltic States. It comfortably seats 35 passengers and gives You and Your friends unbelievable opportunity to stand up, walk around and dance. Comfortable seats and luxurious interior guarantees a most comfortable limo ride to remember.
  • Exceptional looks. Limobus‘s size and unusual paintjob will makes it to stand out in any street.
  •  High quality sound and media equipment.  During the limobus ride You will be entertained by great sounding music, TV‘s and tasteful lighting. Also we offer opportunity to connect Karaoke or DJ equipment.
  • Low limobus rent cost per person. Due to large passenger capacity, the rent price for Your event is quite low.


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