Medieval Feast in 15th century castle

We invite you to participate in a feast, where you will be able to taste meat pie with hazelnuts, salmon cooked in beer and other unseen dishes, where humble servants will care for your comfort and the minstrels will invite you to feel the music.

Visit the former capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, with the 15th century red-brick Trakai Castle amidst the lakes. The Castle which now houses a museum of history and a collection of 18-19th century objects.

Gracious dancers will reveal secrets of medieval life and brave knights will fiercely fight in a real tournament for the honour of their ladies.The feast will culminate with a magnificent fire show, in which passion, energy and danger interflow with dance steps, special effects and fireworks. In a medieval feast you will have a chance to familiarize with medieval culture, customs and traditions and of course to spend a splendid and memorable evening.

Unique Medieval castle, Exclusive for your group.  One of our most memorable dining experiences.

Ideal for: Gala Dinners and Themed Parties.


Venue specifications:

Representative Hall   
Size 200 m2
Capacity - Banquet seating 120
Courtyard (Open air)  
Size 700 m2
Capacity - Banquet seating 500


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