Will receive:

  • English-speaking guide & Transfers
  • Professional instructors
  • Rent of guns & shooting range
  • Targets

Minimum persons:


Maximum persons:


Shooting in Vilnius - A cocktail of Big Guns and plenty of Ammo ensures a heart pounding shooting activity in Vilnius that you will certainly never forget.

You can take shots on a wide selection of guns including Makarov, Glock and Zig Zauer pistols, Winchester pump-action shotguns, as well as semi-automatic and automatic rifles including Uzi's and MP-5's.

 Our Basic Shoot 'm up in Vilnius package consists of:

- Glock 17 Pistol – (15 rounds)
- AK 47 Machine Gun (10 rounds)
- Winchester Pump Gun (5 rounds)

We can tailor shooting packages for to suit you budget as well as your appetite for ammo, increasing your arsenal and shots.

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