Everyone must take a moment to close their eyes and reflect on the best moments of their lives.  Once the participants have created their montage of wonderful experiences in their minds they have to narrow them down to only one!  Keeping their eyes closed, ask each participant to take a moment to decide what 30 seconds of their life they would want to relive if they only had thirty seconds left in their life. Each participant then writes down and drawer in their MYPAD (journal provided by Travel Out There) shares their 30 seconds with the group and explains why they chose that particular moment. 

   Team Work

Each group has to design and build a contraption that will safely house an egg as it plummets to the ground from eight foot in the air. We will provide all the eggs, tools and just need to provide the creative and innovative ideas to bring home your egg safe and sound.


Each team have an investment portfolio of 50 products presented to them on the Ipad. They have to work under time pressures Choose a minimum of 20 products that you would like to invest in. THESE IDEAS ARE REAL! INVEST into successful ideas and SKIP unsuccessful ideas. This will earn you shown amount of money. Skipping successful ideas and investing into unsuccessful ones you will lose the money. 

The Bigger Picture allows your team to get creative and work together to create a HUGE piece of art.  Split into teams, you will have to draw and paint your individual section of the masterpiece. However it is of upmost importance to always consider that your piece of this massive jigsaw has to fit in with other team members to create the masterpiece.  


Plan the time to arrive in special task places in specific times to complete the location specific task.  Each team has to manage challenging tasks, to take the responsibility and to divide the work between the members of the team.
   Out of the box
Comic Strip is an exciting activity where teams have to create their own visual story board as the city as the backdrop.  The tasks connected to the experience will be tailored to your needs and objectives but there will be some rules in place.  Armed with tablets and blackboards the team have to create a storyboard of a minimum of 12 photographs to insert in to their comic strip. 
Teams are only allowed to spend up to 30 Euros to prepare a care pack. They then go on to the streets to give the pack to someone in need. Members of the team will need to shop for the items in charity shops and chemists etc to create their pack. They will then have to prepare the pack and search for the person in need.

Create your own prototype of a game using these everyday items: 1 small roll of duct tape, 6  balloons, 12 wooden pegs, 1 newspaper etc

The Team Legged Race - Using the ties in your resource pack - join your ankles together and walk to your next point on the map in unison.  Be sure to communicate effectively to ensure you all remain upright.

Taste of Challenge - How better to understand the culture and taste of the nation than by sampling the local brews and snacks? Famous for its wide selection and very tasty beverages....experience them for yourself on our Taste of Challenge. Best beverages and a national dish, served in an atmospheric venue to suit - this is a well received and delicious challenge for your team. This is a taste challenge that everyone will satisfy the taste buds for everyone invovled.



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Our Testimonials

Arvydas Silva
Local Manager in Vilnius

Arvydas joined the team in February 2013, and has over 8 years experience working in the travel industry in Lithuania. Working first as a travel agent, he later started working as head of the MICE department. Arvydas knows the business and his Vilnius, and is happy to put together any incentive you wish for. He will be extra thrilled if it involves a ball sport or driving, as he is a huge fan of any sport that involves a ball and great speeds. 


"I would recommend partnering Travel Out There as the range of services they provide 
combined with their professional attitude 
can not be faulted. Our event manager 
was very personal and made sure that 
all our needs were dealt with promptly.  
We were very focused on ensuring
that everything was perfect for this 
corporate event and Travel Out There 
were always mindful of this and made 
sure every little detail was managed to our expectations. We look forward to working 
with Travel Out There in the future!".

Sarah Goudreault,

Special Events Specialist at EXFO


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Akvile Skudraite
Local Manager in Vilnius

Akvile has been working in parthership with Arvydas since they became part of the Travel Out There network.  She is very experienced in and passionate about working within the Corporate Events industry and is a shining example of the Travel Out There 3 P's.  The attention to detail and personal attitude she gives to every booking makes her an incredibly valued player in our team. 




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