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Travel back to the 19th century with a traditional Lithuanian feast at Belmontas

Travel back in time and experience what life was like in Lithuania over 200 years ago. Belmontas in an old French Mill complex, that has been reconstrucyed

Belmontas is an old French Mill, that has been reconstructed with all the authentic parts of the buildings preserved. Breathe in the ancient luxury and authentic atmosphere as you are greeted inside the complex.

The interior with its ethnographic and antique showpieces and arts and crafts will let you experience what life was like in 19th-century Lithuania, while enjoying traditional Lithuanian cuisine. The dinner can be accompanied with your choice of entertainmet, such as: live folk music, theatre performances and folk dancing. The breathtaking landscape and the river Vilnele surrounding the complex will serve as the perect backdrop for the evening. 


USP: Tradition old mill in beautiful surroundings.

Ideal for: Gala Dinners and Company Events.


Venue Specifications

Vila Gloria  
Size 120 m2
Capacity - Banquet seating 70
Size 170 m2
Capacity - Banquet seating 120
Charles de Vim's Hall   
Size 380 m2
Capacity - Banquet seating 220
Size 400 m2
Capacity - Banquet seating 50
Red Hall  
Size 70 m2
Capacity - Banquet seating 40
Size 200 m2
Capacity - Banquet seating 220
Grand Hall (with balcony)  
Size 810+120 m2
Capacity - Banquet seating 500


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