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9 Unique Vilnius Activities


Soviet Bunker Experience

6 meters below the ground, and you find yourself in the USSR. Here you can join “1984.Survival Drama” and become a citizen of a totalitarian state.
During the Survival drama you will be met by guards with dogs. Having waved goodbye to your belongings, currency, cameras and mobile phones, you will put on a Soviet threadbare coat and dive into the life of a USSR citizen, full of tension and social peculiarities. You’ll be taken to the maze, watch TV shows and shops of 1984, be interrogated in a KGB office, learn the anthem of the USSR and get used to wearing a gas mask. You’ll dance to the music of those times and will eat a Soviet dinner yourself. Before leaving the bunker you will receive a special certificate and an authenthic present from the Soviet times.





The Medieval Experience

Vilnius is famous for its magical and mystical Medieval History. Travel Out There gives you the opportunity to be thrown back in time to the days of Medieval knights and princesses. 



Back To USSR

Experience the Soviet reality, Lenin propaganda rooms, civil defence rooms, KGB premises, Soviet doctors room, schools, shops, apartments and cafes, you name it!


Catch Your Own Fish

Catch your own dinner! Once you have hooked your main course, your trout will be whisked away to the bbq where it will be grilled to your exact specifiacations. It doesn't get much fresher than that!


Sightseeing and Daytrips

Discover Vilius and Lithuania together with Travel Out There. We arrange many different types of themes tours and daytrips to sights outside of the capital.


Viking Long Boat Race

Be a viking for a day and race Viking boats. Hear the heart-pounding beat of the Viking drum and paddle hard to ensure your team cross the line first.


Winter Husky Adventure

This is an exlusive and spectacular group activity in which the participants will learn some tricks to survive in harsh weather conditions and will experience lots of emotions -  joy and fear, freedom and excitement, revival of the soul and total relaxation.


A Taste of Vilnius

It would be a travesty to come to Lithuania and not try the local nosh!!


Something Different

Find out what other unique activities you can do specifically in Barcelona. Experience the Canoe Polo, the most thriling activity for the group of friends of colleagues, something that cannot be missed. Archery Tournament, Beer Bike Tour, and Rally Driving activities and many more is awaiting you.






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