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Duration (door to door):

2 hour(s)

Canoe Polo is not an olympic sport, but in Vilnius Out There's eyes it should be. A very entertaining sport not only to play but also to spectate! In teams of 3-6 you battle it out on a lake in a game that is a mismatch of water-polo, handball and basketball.


The easily manouverable canoes ensure that the game can be played by anyone....they are easy to control and steady on the water. But you know there is always one who might get that little bit too excited and aim for a diving save which his/her canoe does not acommodate.


No special skills are required in order to participate, just common sense, good behaviour, open mind and respect of the water.


There is no doubt, for an activity that combines a good work out with a great laugh in beautiful nature...Vilnius Canoe Polo is certainly one of our favourites!




Archery Tournament

The Argo utility terrain vehicle allows you to travel where no other modern vehicle can go; negotiating the toughest terrain you can place in its path, whatever the weather. Discover why everybody from the military to conservationists are using this amazing vehicle as you experience your personal Amphibian Safari in the Estonian countryside.



Beer Bike Tour

Beer Bikes - one of the only opportunities in the world where you can drink and drive legally at the same time! It's also a perfect oppurtunity to explore Vilnius and all its sights.


Rally Driving

A unique oppurtunity to drive a real rally car. We use BMW 325's and with a professional driver by your side you will experience what it is really like to be a rally driver.



Tandem Skydive

Hurling yourself out of a 1950's old school plane at 10,000 feet....for a 40-second freefall! Free falling in Vilnius - some say it's absurd, others say it's the absolute nuts! The only way to find out for yourself is to experience it to believe it! 




Hot Air Balloon

Vilnius is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and one of the few capitals which you are allowed to fly over in a hot air balloon. Don’t miss your chance to experience this UNESCO heritage masterpiece from above the rooftops! 


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