Will receive:



  • Suitable footwear (no sandals or flip flops).
  • It is a fundamental health and safety requirement that none of your party are intoxicated with alcohol.

Minimum persons:


Maximum persons:



Karting in Vilnius is an all time Travel Out There favourite daytime activity. Close to Vilnius centre, this 620-metres long track is a speed freak's dream come true. Despite being outdoor, when go-karting in Vilnius you can race whatever the weather, meaning that this is a 52-weeks-per-year activity. The Karts in Vilnius are new, the track superb and super fast, and the fun is endless!

Up to 10 karts can race up to one time on the Vilnius karting track, therefore it is a great activity for large groups.  Travel Out There can organise a racing tournament for your group and provide memorable prizes for the quickest drivers amongst you.

This video will give you a sense of just how good and fast this track really is.

You can also opt to kart indoors should you want an activity that the weather cannot spoil.  (although you can kart in the snow outdoors if you would like to).




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