Will receive:

  • English-speaking guide & Transfers
  • Safety instructions
  • Refreshments
  • All equipment

Minimum persons:


Free falling in Vilnius - some say it's absurd, others say it's the absolute nuts!



Vilnius Out There says the only way to find out for yourself is to experience it to believe it! Hurling yourself out of a 1950's old skool plane at 10,000 feet....for a 40-second freefall! In a word...BONKERS!



This is an activity that Austin Nicholas, the manager of Travel Out There, is hooked on. So much so, that when asked to organise a good friend from university's stag party, he could not resist dressing him up as Banana Man and watching him fly over Vilnius! Check out the pictures!



If the tandem freefall in Vilnius does not satisfy the adrenaline junky in you, then the solo parachute jump certainly will. Click here for more information.



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