Will receive:

  • 3h activity 
  • communist vans with drivers
  • cooking dumplings in a milk bar
  • maps, materials, objects
  • visit of the Museum of Life under Communism 

The main goal of "Back to Communism" game is to involve all the partecipants in a treasure hunting of products difficult to get in Communist Times, while disovering hidden spots of Praga district and find out it's local atmosphere.

Group will be divided into teams and each group will set off from a different starting point but everyone will have the same tasks to complete simultaneously, yet in a different order. 

Tasks will involve discovering hidden places and meeting actors on the way from communist reality. All groups need to gather objects like stockings, toilet paper, food coupons, etc. In each stop at least one of the participants have to fulfill task asked by the actor on a checkpoint. In the end, everyone will meet in the final destination - Museum of Life under Communism, where the correct completion of tasks will be verified and the winning group will be chosen.

Examples of tasks for groups:

  • Local drinking den: Visit a typical apartment from the past times and make illegal flyers!
  • Hitch hike old milicia van: Pop inside the van and drive to another spot!
  • Food coupons exchange: Local bar is the best place where you can exchange food ration cards into a vodka shot!
  • Fiat 125P "Maluch" race: Put a luggage on the roof boot of a symbol of communist times called "Maluch" and drive a slalom on time!
  • Dumplings cooking challenge: Visit a local bar and try and make dumplings on your own! DISCOVER HIDDEN SPOTS IN PRAGA Take your camera and find out selected objects in Praga!
  • Crazy picture in a local gallery: Visit a local gallery and make a proof that you are originally from Praga!
  • Local artist workshop: Praga is an artistic district. This time you need to visit the workshop and try your skills in making a propaganda poster!

Customers who are interested in "Back to Communism" might also be interested in:

  • Nyska.jpg

    - enigma,  gingerbread decoration, perfume, brushes brooms, restauramt imitating the atmosphere of pre-war Warsaw
    - maps, materials, objects
    - game coordination
    - tickets to the Palace of Culture and Science and Photoplasticon
    - vodka shot in the bar

    - driving in historic Nysa 522 vans 

  • 13.png

    • English speaking instructors/s (animator/s)
    • transport
    • training how to operate the equipment.
  • gokart.png

    • English-speaking guide
    • Transfers
    • Professional instructions
    • 4 drives for each person,
    • diplomas for everybody
    • medals for winners