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Workshop “Creating a recipe for Success” – after welcome, all the Guests listen to the Chef and his speech about polish cuisine (English), next start to prepare their dinner – soup, dumplings, appetizers, dessert. Some of ingredients will be already prepared as rough products.
Our professional chef will provide live interactive training with the use of AV support - this allows all of the group a clear understanding of how to prepare the culinary delights stated below.  The Creating a recipe for Success is a great team building experience and evening entertainment combined.
Please, find the menu below:   
o   APPETIZERS: Beet herring and avocado starter with camellia oil
  SOUP: Duck stock with buckwheat noodles, chervil and rosemary
o   MAIN COURSE: Veal dumplings with chili and coriander and Chanterelles dumplings with korycinski cheese and nigella sativa, served on fresh salad
o   DESSERT: „Drunk” polish fruits topped with chocolate



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