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Travel Out There - has a very broad and extensive range of experience working in the events and travel business.  We understood that companies are not solely financially driven and there is a real drive to have ‘feel good’ motivators.  The importance of companies working with a strong CSR ethos is crucial in every aspect of the business. 


Engaging your company in a CSR project that has a mutual benefit to the company and local community is not only a fun, rewarding and memorable experience but also energizes employee engagement, encourages team building and enhances your company’s reputation. Studies has also shown that consumers are more eager to choose, and engage with, companies that has an open and outspoken CSR policy. Please click here to read the 5 questions we will ask you to evaluate the fit between your organization and the local partner.

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Some Suggested CSR Activities



 SHELL'S CSR project in Tallinn:

“They were extremely impressed of our idea (none of them knew what we have organized, so this was a surprise). They enjoyed a lot the idea of building something together, as they are used to cooperate together only in business, so some hands-on-work was really interesting. Moreover, the idea of helping local community was brilliant. They liked it so much so they have asked me to organize something similar on every meeting. They also enjoyed the city game and were generally impressed of how beautiful Tallinn is! I know they were really happy of overall impression and organization! “

-Agata Bejnarowicz (groups` leader on the teams` experience)- click here to read more

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