Czerwony Wieprz


Appetizers - Served on platters

Game pâté - baked in bacon, seasoned with herbs, served with pickled vegetables and wild cranberries

Pig’s trotters in aspic - served with marinated chanterelles, wild mushrooms and chanterelle vinegar

Luxurious Dripping of the Polish People's Republic - with apple, onion, crackling and sausage, served with bread and pickles

Bulgarian Todor Zivkov's salad - garden vegetables grilled with olive oil, garlic and parsley, served with goat’s cheese toasts and a fresh herb dressing

Soup - A choice of:

Standard Bearer's Zur - traditional sour cream soup prepared with marjoram and horseradish, served with an egg and white sausage


The Delegate’s beetroot soup with Kolduny dumplings - traditional beetroot soup prepared with wild mushrooms, apples and raspberry vinegar served with mutton and garlic dumplings

Main Course - Served on platters

Capitalist Norwegian salmon - marinated in lemon and garlic salmon fillet oven baked with herbs and green pepper served with chanterelle sauce, rice and steamed vegetables

Red Hog Ribs - barrel marinated oven roasted ribs, served on a board with pan-fried potatoes with garlic, marjoram and rosemary and a selection of sauces

Dessert - Traditional cheesecake - made by our Pastry Chef from cottage cheese and cream, with raisins and orange peel

Vegetarian Option
Appetizer - 
Bulgarian Todor Zhivkov's salad - grilled garden vegetables marinated in olive oil, garlic and green parsley served with a paste of roasted eggplant and garlic sauce
Soup - White vegetable cream soup with balsamic sauce and almond flakes
Main Course -
Fried potatoes with rosemary, dried tomatoes, soya sprouts and roasted pumkin seeds served with a dash of basil vinaigrette
Dessert - Fruit salad with Cointreau
Beverages - Mineral water Kropla Beskidu – 250ml / person, Fruit juice Cappy – 200ml / person, Coffee / Tea, 2 glasses of house wine with main course( red or white ) or 2 glasses of beer 
1 person - Vegetarian (inc. dairy)
2 persons - Halal
1 person - Kosher
1 person - Fish Allergy (inc. shell fish) 1 person - No Seafood
2 persons - No Onion
1 person - Gluten free (inc dairy)



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