Will receive:

- enigma,  gingerbread decoration, perfume, brushes brooms, restauramt imitating the atmosphere of pre-war Warsaw
- maps, materials, objects
- game coordination
- tickets to the Palace of Culture and Science and Photoplasticon
- vodka shot in the bar

- driving in historic Nysa 522 vans 

Duration (door to door):

3 hour(s)

Objective: Integration of game players. While performing tasks, participants will have an opportunity to see that Warsaw is a city that was rebuilt despite its war destruction. Today Warsaw is a capital full of life and positive energy.


Game: Then the group will be divided into teams. Envelopes with a map and tasks will be distributed. Each group will set off from a different starting point but everyone will have the same tasks to complete simultaneously, yet in a different order. Tasks will involve discovering interesting places and gaining knowledge on the history of Warsaw and Polish culture. Finally, everyone will meet in the final destination, where the correct completion of tasks will be verified and the winning group will be chosen. In the envelope the group will receive a map “Game description” (with time limits). Precision and time will be important in the game.

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