• indoor activity

Duration (door to door):

2 hour(s)

Project Einstein is an attractive way to build cooperation in teams. Participants design and build a contraption that works on the principles of the domino effect carrying energy through the conference room.

Teams design, build and test components of the contraption. By cooperating they assemble all the components into a flawlessly working whole. Teams test their fragments of the contraption half an hour before the final. After tests have been run the contraption is activated.


Energy carried through the entire room is used to unveil a banner with a content important to the customer.


The launch of The Machine is very impressive and arouses strong emotions.


The program lasts from 2h up to 3h - it depends on the agenda of the conference and we can adjust it to the Clients needs.


Everything starts with the presentation of the task - the participants are sitting, listening to the speaker and watching a short movie, which introduces the task and shows the teams division (group lists). After the 15-minutes introduction, we ask the participants to help us to put the chairs aside (with the help of the hotel crew).


The speaker conducts a short warm-up session including some breathing and physical activities that help the participants to switch from "conference mode" to "active, creative mode". After the 20 minutes warm-up we move on to the main task - the construction of the machine.


When everything is ready we ask participants to stand around the contraption.


We all count from 10 to 1 and a chosen person pushes the first element of the Machine. In the end, the mechanism unveils a poster with a slogan chosen by the Client.


This is the moment we usually fire three confetti tubes.


Keep in mind, that we need to decide on the final slogan, that we would print on the banner/poster that the machine unveils.


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