Will receive:

  • Great time full of fun
  • City Game in which everybody will become an expert on Polish dumplings


  • Open mind ready for challenges

Well known all over the world Master Chef - Pierluigi Kowalski just opened in Warsaw new Restaurant with dumplings. The Master Chef needs few assistants for preparing enough dumplings for great opening. Like in MasterCook TV Show he manages elimination so all players are concerned in making tasks and completing a unique recipe of sui generis dumplings.
All challenges settle down in the fictitious story, which is the reason why everybody just wants to play. Each task activates impressive commitment and brings a lot of fun and abnormal situations. We know the sectret of how to explore Warsaw all together!
The main challenge is to join Pierluigi- Kowalski Team. Before doing this, each Team must complete all tasks on their way. The Team gets an ingredient or part of receipe as a mini-award for each complete challenge. All this elements are needed during team building evening challenge.
Who is gonna be the Winner? The Team who finish the game as the fastest – all tasks must be solved and all ingredients complete in the Restaurant of Pierluigi- Kowalski.
Additionally, Teams get points for making task complete - before the end of game points will be exchanged for minutes. The total time result will be cut down on saved minutes.

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