Will receive:

  • English speaking Travel Out There Assistant
  • Professional instructions
  • simulators:

*movavle F1 cockpit (4 pieces)
*movale WRC simulator (2 pieces)
*Batak - reflex simulator (1 piece)
*Duplex - double reflex  simulator (1 piece)
*Hexapod - professional racing simulator

  • 1 compare (announcer)
  • 1 dj
  • 5 hostesses
  • rental of a conference hall - sound system, lights, arrangement of the venue in Formula I style
  • permanent coffee break for all day (11 AM - 7 PM) - coffee, tea, mineral water, juices, bisquits
  • 4 course lunch
  • open bar for 6 hrs (you are allowed to drink alcohol if you wish because you will be driving only simulators) - white vodka, 2 kinds of wine, beer, soft drinks (juices, water, beverages), glasses, decoration, fruits, barman

Karting in Warsaw is a great experience for those who are passionate about gokart racing but also for lovers of special events: from birthday parties to corporate outings. Go-kart racing is an ideal outlet for friendly rivalry among co-workers, as it includes elements of team-building and competition.


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  • 800px-Ingredents_of_Faroese_beer.jpg

    • 4 different beers per person
    • special snacks enhancing the taste and flavour of beers
    • great informal atmosphere
    • live music is possible in the evenings
  • Nyska.jpg

    - enigma,  gingerbread decoration, perfume, brushes brooms, restauramt imitating the atmosphere of pre-war Warsaw
    - maps, materials, objects
    - game coordination
    - tickets to the Palace of Culture and Science and Photoplasticon
    - vodka shot in the bar

    - driving in historic Nysa 522 vans 

  • first aid.jpg

    First aid classes How to help victims in different cases? Mini-training will be implemented in the form of outdoor activities. Program includes basic techniques and medical aid (bone injuries, fainting, excessive heat, transport of a victim, equipped first aid kit). Concentrator - walking through the grounds of the farm in accordance with the instructions given by azimuths and maps. Water Activities - participants must find a pontoon, swim to a raft, solve two logical tasks (can be in your company's specialization) and return to the shore.