Will receive:

First aid classes How to help victims in different cases? Mini-training will be implemented in the form of outdoor activities. Program includes basic techniques and medical aid (bone injuries, fainting, excessive heat, transport of a victim, equipped first aid kit). Concentrator - walking through the grounds of the farm in accordance with the instructions given by azimuths and maps. Water Activities - participants must find a pontoon, swim to a raft, solve two logical tasks (can be in your company's specialization) and return to the shore.


good health,

readiness for survival activities in woods

Duration (door to door):

5 hour(s)



To the place of the event participants arrive in comfortable clothes or they can rent coveralls (the possibility of contamination) on spot. It is recommended to have classic hiking boots covering ankles and on a hard sole.
The aim of the course is to produce the need for cooperation among the participant and mutual integration.
Participants will undergo intensive effort psychophysical and their tasks will be feasible only with the cooperation of all persons participating in the classes. The participants are moving in an area especially prepared for them and secluded. They will be guided by instructors and maps as one unit or can be divided into 2 groups of 7 persons.
After completing one task the teams / teams will receive a few items of a special message / maps in the form of puzzle. The combination of all the elements will allow participants to find a hidden field box with prizes / gift
For the duration of the course participants will be asked to leave all items like cigarettes, lighters, watches, documents, cell phones in one place. It is for the safety of these items. All courses will be held regardless the weather. If a person due to fatigue will not be able to participate in activities, the role of the group is motivate her to strenuous exercise or help her along the route.

Participants take with them specialized equipment that will be packed in a wooden box and will be carried on the entire planned route.



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