Fukiera” is a living work of art. It delights with a harmonious combination of taste, scent, sound and colour, all in a perfect form on the background created by the sophisticated interiors. In this place the guests play the main parts in a refined performance, created afresh every day, and transcending the limits of the old-fashioned bourgeois aesthetic. Those who come to visit - they don’t do it just to seek the flavours and taste sensations, but to experience, and participate in the totality of the performance.

It was here that Felipe González met in 1993 the then Polish Prime Minister Hanna Suchocka and was as impressed by the Spanish flag created by the arrangement of watermelon and oranges as by the taste of the Polish roast duck with apples.

It’s “U Fukiera” that Her Majesty Margrethe II, the Queen of Denmark from the Glücksburg dynasty was enchanted by the flavour and aroma of the Polish Boletus (porcini) mushrooms. In 1995, Yitzhak Rabin thanked Magda here for a taste of the dill brined pickled gherkins, with the real Polish horseradish, and it’s here that Madeleine Albright eats on almost every of her visits to Poland, often accompanied by Zbigniew Brzezinski. Roman Polanski is delighted every time he gets the chance to taste the Fukier’s borscht with lovage-flavoured ‘kolduny’ dumplings, while Claudia Schiffer’s favours the Polish herring served here. Fukier’s tables also saw Javier Solana, Henry Kissinger, Catherine Deneuve, Naomi Campbell and the Queen of Spain, Sophia.

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