Warsaw Team Building Activities


Warsaw Off the Beaten Track

At Travel Out There we believe that you should not just visit Warsaw but experience it. On this Off The Beaten Track tour in Warsaw our charismatic sightseeing guides will enlighten you about Poland's turbulent history.  


This experience blasts you back to the days of pre-Perestroika, giving you an insight into the Socialist and Communist Warsaw and of course this tour would not be complete without a tipple of vodka!  In order to make this Warsaw experience more authentic and memorable you will be cruising around the streets of Warsaw in a vintage Nysa 522.  


Travel Out There can tailor the tour to your exact requirements but our standard experience, you will certainly see the many different faces of Warsaw: from the yards of the 19th century tenement houses, moving through Constitution Square, The Palace of Culture and Science, a street of the Jewish ghetto which has survived the ravages of time, and onto pre-war Praga on the other side of the Vistula River.  


In Praga you will have the chance to chill out in a real socialist bar whilst sampling a typical Polish lunch. Also we invite you for a shot of typical polish vodka in a communist style apartment- essential to digest all the stories that you've heard!




Warsaw Indoor Skydiving

Flying in a wind tunnel is an experience that you simply have to embark on. If you have always had a fear of heights but want to experience the sensation of weightlessness without jetting off in to space or jumping out of a plane...this is the activity for you.



A Taste of Warsaw

Beer Tasting in Warsaw - an experience to get to know the culture of the nation!





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    • English speaking Travel Out There Assistant
    • Professional instructions
    • simulators:

    *movavle F1 cockpit (4 pieces)
    *movale WRC simulator (2 pieces)
    *Batak - reflex simulator (1 piece)
    *Duplex - double reflex  simulator (1 piece)
    *Hexapod - professional racing simulator

    • 1 compare (announcer)
    • 1 dj
    • 5 hostesses
    • rental of a conference hall - sound system, lights, arrangement of the venue in Formula I style
    • permanent coffee break for all day (11 AM - 7 PM) - coffee, tea, mineral water, juices, bisquits
    • 4 course lunch
    • open bar for 6 hrs (you are allowed to drink alcohol if you wish because you will be driving only simulators) - white vodka, 2 kinds of wine, beer, soft drinks (juices, water, beverages), glasses, decoration, fruits, barman
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